The Pocono Indian Museum is the only museum in Northeastern Pennsylvania dedicated to showing the history of the Delaware Indian. The museum will both inform and, perhaps, shock you. It will show the North American history of man in Northeastern Pennsylvania from 10,500 B.C. to the contact period with European man prior to the American Revolution. It will show the Delaware Indian’s peaceful coexistence with other Indians. And, it will show you the shocking and short 100 years it took the white man to virtually eliminate almost all traces of the Indian’s existence.

The Pocono Indian Museum traces the history of the Delawares through displays of ancient artifacts, weapons, and tools that form chronological commentary on life among the Indians for thousands of years.

A tour of the museum takes approximately 30 minutes. Visitors carry with them an audio device which gives a detailed narration of the unique displays. Groups of twenty or more may call for reservations and are given a tour with a guide through the museum.

5425 Milford Rd

east Stroudsburg, PA, 18302

tel: 570-588-9338